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Join the Minster team. We look for entrepreneurial talent, people who want to make a difference and in turn we provide benefits, support and a warm fuzzy feeling to make your working life enjoyable and exciting. We'll learn together, grow your career together and importantly we'll look after you as a valued member of the Minster family. If you are interested in joining a career without boundaries with us please apply here.

Current Live Minster Vacancies

Below you will find our current vacancies. For more information and specifics regarding the role click 'Read More'. You can see all SGBD careers by clicking here


MINS82891 - Pricing Analyst - Coventry - Expiry date 13/06/2019 - Find out more here

MINS80699 - Sales Specialist - Birmingham - Expiry date 14/06/2019 - Find out more here

MINS82410 - Branch Sales Manager - Royston - Expiry date 17/06/2019 - Find out more here

MINS83230 - Sales Specialist - Royston - Expiry date 20/06/2019 - Find out more here

MINS83224 - Area Sales Manager - Liverpool - Expiry date 20/06/2019 - Find out more here 

MINS83397 - Warehouse Assistant - Aylesford - Expiry date 24/06/2019 - Find out more here