PIRfection Across the Board

Optimum Stability -
The raw material blends provide stability in a variety of conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, moisture, sunlight, UV. These elements have been rigorously tested for optimal performance across roof, wall and floor insulation.

Precision Flatness -
Recticel's material blend, manufacturing parameters and processes, yield great results in a board that boasts perfect flatness for a precision finish without imperfections.

Cutting Tolerances -
Recticel's cutting tolerance goes far beyond the industry standard, meaning every Recticel board that leaves the factory is consistent in length and width.

Straightest Edges -
Recticel pride themselves on their PIR board, ensuring there are no gaps during installation and risks such as thermal bridging are minimised.

Structurally Better-
The manufacturing process produces a standardised volume of PIR foam to improve the board's structural integrity, meaning that structural weaknesses are greatly reduced.

Compressive Strength-
Manufactured to have a greater compressive strength than most, which is vastly important for a more practical end result for those applications that are under load.

Perfect Appearance-
Recticel PIR insulation board is the best-presented and packaged product on the market; reinforcing confidence in its specification.

Global pioneer-
Recticel Insulation is one of the world's largest producer of PIR products. Quality is high priority and excellence is ensured through continued investment and research into advancing insulation production processes.

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