Rockfon in the Driver’s Seat

Rockfon® Tropic™ ceilings are getting motors revving 

Europe’s largest car showroom, Sytner BMW, Sheffield was designed by AT Architects and holds an impressive 872 cars within its three-storey, 18,500m² dealership. It isn’t just the BMW’s and MINI’s which are boasting luxurious features but the dealership offers the very best in service and convenience. There are customer lounges and a barista offering complimentary refreshments within the onsite bar café.

The 42-bay workshop, with drive-in reception is easily accessible and convenient. The ground floor is home to the complete BMW model range, where 7,500m² of Rockfon Tropic ceilings were chosen to provide exceptional acoustic control as well as contributing to the light and open interior.


Rockfon Tropic greatly contributes to the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere of the newly built dealership. As the large showroom is fitted with floor to ceiling glazing and tiled floors this could make the open-plan area prone to reverberation. However thanks to the Class A sound absorption of Rockfon Tropic the ambient sound level is controlled, reducing echo and improving speech clarity.


Rockfon Tropic ceilings have a smooth, white surface that reflects 86% of light helping to create optimum luminosity within the showroom. Displaying the dealership at its very best by enhancing the clean lines and minimalism; which then works to enhance the vibrancy and form of the cars.


Tudorharp Contractor, Rob O’Dell. “We worked closely with Rockfon to ensure we produced the finished result the client wanted. We installed a mix of 600 x 600mm tiles with 1200 x 600mm to avoid cuts and achieve clean, tidy edges. We used Chicago Metallic™ T24 2890 grid to install these lightweight tiles. The job ran smoothly and we met our deadline with ease.”

Our Rotherham branch, supplied the Rockfon Tropic E edge ceiling tiles and Chicago Metallic grids. We stock a wide range of Rockfon products in branches across the country.

Rockfon Tropic is a robust, easy to clean ceiling tile. It’s available in a range of standard sizes and installation options including visible and semi-concealed grids, giving architects the freedom to produce open-plan environments that can be configured to any design. The ceiling tiles and grid offer the highest fire safety classification A1, which is a must for all buildings which are open to the public.


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