Name: Anthony
Position: Assistant Branch Manager
Time with Minster: 5 Years
Previous Role: External sales for Arnold Laver; 4 years

About me

I was born in Chesterfield, but my Dad is originally from a small village in the North of Poland, which means I get to experience both cultures. If you’ve never tried a ‘pierogi’, then I’d recommend it. Basically it’s a dumpling filled with curd cheese, potato, and fried onions!


I’m a Chesterfield season ticket holder! I enjoy the banter with family and friends, and like visiting different towns and grounds, up and down the country. Relegation last August means I’m visiting different grounds this season!

My favourite TV show is Game of Thrones, and favourite film is Batman – The Dark Knight


I decided a while ago to adopt a healthier approach which involved increasing the amount of exercise I do, and eating better. I’m more active nowadays, have more energy and generally feel much better for it all! It’s not been the easiest journey, but I’d highly recommend it!


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